Motorcycle VS Animal

In this category motorcycle vs animal you can view videos that show riders either coming really close to hitting an animal or being taken out by one while riding.

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This crazy footage shows a deer hitting a motorcyclist in the city!

A deer runs into a man on a motorcycle, knocking him out temporarily. Not to worry, he ended up being OK – just a little sore! How crazy is that?! Source & embed code:…. For licensing, please email

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70MPH MOTORCYCLE VS. DEER!! {Worst Night of Riding EVER!}

Accelerating on to the freeway at winter vacation ride, a deer smacks into the front of motorcycle going 70 mph. To top everything off, Dankwheelie’s bike overheated and turned off down the highway, causing us to tow him for MILES! CHECK OUT MY NEW MERCH!… SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! WATCH MORE-… A deer running …Read more »

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A Vulture Caused A Motorcycle Crash That Killed A Married Couple, Police Say | TIME

Police say that a vulture caused the fatal motorcycle crash for a Kansas couple. Subscribe to TIME ►► Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share.… Money helps you learn how to spend …Read more »

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Harley Motorcycle hits deer

Hitting a deer while doing about 60 on a Harley! I recommend you don’t try this…

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I crash, a rabbit gets run over, friend gets locked in a gate, etc. You know, the usual… Helmet Mounts → Flux Vision Goggles → MERCH → Instagram → Facebook → Twitter → Patreon Supporters: ⊕ Jochen Bräutigam ⊕ Mikhail Gleeson ⊕ Yamahodjie ⊕ Jeffrey Espindola ⊕ Alexandria Bersig …Read more »

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Kamikaze wild boar motorcycle crash

Would you have been able to react and avoid the kamikaze wild boar? This happened some time ago, the rider (not me) has fully recovered and is all well. Re-posted with permission from the rider. Original post:

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Baby Deer HIT by Motorcycle ❌?❌

? DISHING DAILY FIRE AF CONTENT! ? ? SUBSCRIBE with ? NOTIFICATIONS! ► *video brief* First time out on this road. It was insanely wide open and the visibility was great. Traffic was minimal and we were able to let the bikes rip. On our last run, we came across another rider who had …Read more »

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Animals Vs Bikers 2018 – Dogs, Birds, Bee, & Deer Vs Motorcyclists [Ep.#06]

★ Animals Vs Bikers 2018 – Vicious dog attacks biker! ⭐ SUBSCRIBE ➡ ⭐ Submit Your Video ➡ ====================================================== ★ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON AUTHOR’S VIDEO ! vvvv [00:01] – motomafia –… [00:57] – Max 101 –… [01:18] – GavinCantRide –… [02:01] – offroad ninja –… [02:12] – Sebo G …Read more »