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In this category you can view videos of fails and crashes that show riders who almost had it but then oops, something went terribly wrong. This sometimes can be funny or painstaking.

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★ Submit your video: ★ Moto Stars Shirts and Hoodies: ★ Facebook: 00:17 Chicanobiker760 – Falling Down –… 00:53 Zackary Huddleston – Close call –… 01:23 THE G. – Nearly Motorcycle Crash –… 01:47 Andres Vejar – bike Rider Crashes –… 02:58 Flo – Lowside crash –… …Read more »

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Serious Motorcycle Crash Caught on Dashcam

Caught this serious crash involving a motorcyclist on my dashcam yesterday. Probably the worst accident I have caught to date. Both cars had a GREEN light. The SUV turning is 100% at fault. The driver claims that the sun blinded her and she didn’t see the oncoming car/bike. The biker was conscious when I got …Read more »

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Brutal Motorcycle Crashes | Best Motorcycle Crashes

Brutal Motorcycle Crashes | Best Motorcycle Crashes Check out the original videos: 0:03 Panther Evolution – My Motorcycle Crash. Will I Ride Again???? –… 0:34 ArkaosMotovlogs – My Motorcycle Crash Footage (MT07 Moto Cage) –… 0:59 Andy Barling – Golden era donington crash –… 1:18 MRX – fullcrash –… 1:57 Erick …Read more »

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Motorcycle Fails Ultimate Compilation – 2019-

Don’t click this- Funny Motorcycle Fails Ultimate Compilation – 2019- #motorcycle #funnymotorcyclefail #funnyfail

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Best Dirt Bike Fails, Wins & Funny Moments Compilation 2019

So here is the best dirt bike fails, wins & funny moments compilation of 2019. Here I have put together all the crashes, fails, funny moments and epic wins that have been uploaded to the channel all through 2019. It has been an epic year of enduro riding and dirt bike fails. Every ride has …Read more »

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Motorcycle Crash Compilation

Motorcycle Crash Compilation

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30+ Motorcycle Mistakes Most New Riders Make / Motorcycle Crash 2019

Most motorcycle riders blame close calls on “the other guy” or the road itself, not understanding or accepting their responsibility to manage the risks. These motorcycle riders may display their lack of understanding by insisting that “there was nothing they could do” when a car appeared “out of nowhere.” The fact is that most mishaps …Read more »

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BEST MOTORCYCLE CRASHES #1 (Watch & Learn!) || Dash Cam Compilation

“Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway…” The best motorbike crashes recorded on dash cams! #1 Compilation of motorcycle dash cam fails! Check out Alex’s channel: Psst, you there. Wanna buy a dash cam or related accessories? Here are some Amazon Affiliate links (anything purchased through these helps the channel keep going): …Read more »

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Deputies release terrifying video of Clearwater motorcycle crash

A horrifying motorcycle crash was caught on camera on U.S. 19 in Clearwater earlier this year.

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HELP HIM RECOVER ►… This is the worst crash I have ever witnessed. He is lucky to be alive! He has a very high bill from the medical treatment and the helicopter medivac. If you wish to help this fallen rider out please visit the gofundme page that his family has set up. Thank …Read more »