In this category you can view videos that show the aftermath of riders who were involved in very terrible accidents and survived or passed away. You will see footage of their injuries as well as them being treated in the hospital and recovering. You will also see all the pain and suffering they have endured and what their family and friends have had to also go through while taking care of them or making funeral arrangements.

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Up Close Motorcycle Accident Aftermath

Up Close Motorcycle Accident Aftermath

I should have DIED. Almost Fatal Motorcycle CRASH. yamaha fz07

this is my motorcycle crash. a 76 year old man decide to cross the avenue with all the traffic coming. i had both arms broken several fractures all over. fingers broken. dislocated elbow with ruptured tendon and a lot of more. underwent 5 surgery but luckily im going to recover from all damages. bike was… Read more »

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Miami Police Officer Who Lost Legs In Motorcycle Crash Meets Man Who Helped Save His Life

A celebration of survival took place at Kendall Regional Hospital on Wednesday.

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Motorcycle Crash Aftermath

We finally caught up with Darf aka Fred clean your room after his nasty spill. Come hang out with us during episode 2 of Let’s Talk Bikes! follow Fred here Subscribe to Riceboy… If you’re new to the channel, WELCOME! I’m Adobo, and this is Adobo Moto! If you’ve ever had a Filipino… Read more »

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Up Close Motorcycle Accident Aftermath

Up Close Motorcycle Accident Aftermath

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Motorcycle Wreck Aftermath | Near death experience!

This is why I didn’t post last Wednesday. We went for a ride so I could try and figure out my sena and then this happened so I was a little too busy. Good news is that he is doing pretty well, but the bad news is that he doesn’t think that he will ride… Read more »

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Motorcycle Crash – Bike Ripped in Half, Lowside Motorcycle Crash Aftermath, Full HD 1080p

Biker down! Motorcycle crash from yesterday. Motorcyclist lowsided and hit the barrier. The impact was strong enough to rip the bike in half. Ride safe and wear your gear! Check my Facebook for pictures from our weekend motorcycle riding. Scroll down for more info. MY LATEST VIDEOS MY CINEMATIC VIDEOS: RIDING VIDEOS:… Read more »

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Motorcycle Accident Aftermath. Graphic.

Motorcycle Accident Aftermath. Graphic.

Trauma Survivor Talks about Life after a Motorcycle Crash

Rob Wright discusses his motorcycle crash that challenged his physical and mental strength. Hear his story and words of wisdom for other trauma survivors and their family members. Related Links: R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Trauma Survivors Network… TSN Programs… Join the TSN…

WARNING-Motorcycle chain accident- GRAPHIC!!!!!

Warning! do NOT watch if you are sensitive to the sight of blood, bones, or bodily injury. Draggin severed his thumb while conducting Motorcycle chain maintenance. Please let this be a reminder to always be careful and practice proper safety procedures when working on heavy machinery. Shepherds Crook #sheepplease Music Send for the horses “Send… Read more »