Street Bike VS Cops Police Chase Motorcycle Running From Cop Cars Almost Hit Biker Gets Away 2016

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CRAZY Street Bike VS Cops Police Chase Motorcycle Cop Cars Chase Motorcycle Running From The Cops Biker Chased By Multiple Cop Cars Chasing Biker In High Speed Chase On The Highway Street Bike Gets Away From The Cops Outrunning Police Cars Caught On Camera! Motorcycle After Cop Car Nearly Smashes Into Motorcyclist At 13O MPH Plus On The Freeway As Motorcyclist Runs From Cop Cars Caught On Camera 2016!!! Insane motorcycle rider evades multiple highway patrol Georgia state trooper patrol cars biker outruns all law enforcement vehicles on motorcycle in high speed pursuit reaching insane top speeds of over 160 MPH plus while slitting automobiles passing vehicles in traffic on center line & using shoulder on a busy Georgia highway while chased by amazingly fast GA state troopers squid cars trying to catch an arrest motorcyclist for breaking to many traffic laws to count. Motorcycle VS Cops police car chases motorcyclist running from the cops amazing getaway from police officers. Watch as sport bike outrunning police makes epic high speed chase escape on major public highway. Motorcycle is almost hit by police car while GA trooper our chasing biker in quick police car on freeway street bike comes only a few inches from hitting an smashing into cop cars front bumper during high speed pursuit at 130 MPH. If this cop would have tapped biker running from police you can only imagination it would have been a huge disaster for motorcycle rider an possibly even caused fatal motorcycle accident from cop car running into motorcyclist at such high speeds during police chase. The make an model of sport bike featured getting away from cops in this video clip is a 2009 to 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R crotch rocket built in Japan for motorcycle racing at extremity high speeds on closed course superbike track. Please enjoy this amazing motorcycle police chase getaway video & thank you for watching! Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! Visit BLOX STARZ STORE Click Below SUBSCRIBE “BLOX STARZ TV” For NEW Videos… WATCH MORE INSANE MOTORCYCLE VS COPS POLICE CHASES Click Link Below!!!… CONNECT With BLOX STARZ TV Instagram: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Vine:

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