Serious Motorcycle Crash Caught on Dashcam

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Caught this serious crash involving a motorcyclist on my dashcam yesterday. Probably the worst accident I have caught to date. Both cars had a GREEN light. The SUV turning is 100% at fault. The driver claims that the sun blinded her and she didn’t see the oncoming car/bike. The biker was conscious when I got there, but was in obvious pain. I stayed around until the Police and ambulance arrived and gave an officer my statement. The biker was still lying on the ground being treated by paramedics when I left. Good to see that a lot of people ran out of their cars to help. I cut the video short but quite a few people came over after. Three witnesses total (including me) stayed behind for the Police. The dashcam used in this video is my brand new Thinkware F770. I’ve had the camera for just about a week, and I got it from blackboxmycar, linked below: $10 DISCOUNT CODE: xsupad770…

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