Motorcycle Crash Aftermath

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We finally caught up with Darf aka Fred clean your room after his nasty spill. Come hang out with us during episode 2 of Let’s Talk Bikes! follow Fred here Subscribe to Riceboy… If you’re new to the channel, WELCOME! I’m Adobo, and this is Adobo Moto! If you’ve ever had a Filipino friend…what am I even saying? Everyone has a Filipino friend! In our culture, it’s customary to feed every mouth that sets foot in our homes. Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines and Filipinos have a lot of love to give and we show our hospitality in the form of food! That’s where the name Adobo comes from and my passion for motorcycles (Moto) is my way of spreading the love. So thanks so much for sticking around and giving me a chance! And again, Welcome to the family! Follow your new Filipino friend on instagram!

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