Intense Oklahoma road rage video shows gun, bikes, fight

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(Update: On Tuesday, Sept. 19, NewsOK reported that three men in the video above have been charged with felonies for the road rage incident.) An Oklahoma road rage video shows the beating of an OSU student and other young men threatened at knife-point by a large man who lifts his shirt to reveal a tattoo that makes him “the real deal.” The O’Colly, OSU’s student newspaper, reported that the video was taken Sunday along a rural Pawnee County road. A GoPro camera mounted on a separate student’s bike captured the altercation, which escalated after one student biker and a man driving a pickup truck were seen yelling at each other along the road. “We’ve got five kids in this fucking car, and you guys just did that shit!” screamed a woman to the bikers after she exited the truck. The man in the truck had shoved the biker to the ground before beating him to the point of temporary immobility. Another man in a truck brandished a gun, and a third man in a truck showed up with the knife. “I’ll blow your fucking head off,” yelled the man with the gun. The man with the knife in his right hand and the tattoo on his large gut herded the younger men away from the fight with shouts of “I’ll kill you.” The woman then yells at the fighting man to get back into their truck after he kicks the downed biker a final time. The O’Colly reported that the man with the stomach tattoo is named Paul Wiseley and was “reportedly arrested and released” Wednesday.

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