How To Ride A Motorcycle: Part 01 – Controls & Startup

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EDIT! – STARTUP NOTE!: When starting the bike, you should always hold in your clutch lever, regardless of if the neutral light is on (see pinned user comments below.) In the video, I confirm the bike is in neutral by walking it and then start it, but regarding best practices, you should always hold the clutch in for safe measure! ▬ Ever wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle? So does Ms. Blockhead (my lady!) We’ve got her signed up for an incoming MSF course, but she wants to get a head start and is eager to learn! If you’re wanting to learn and get your certification, you definitely should sign up for an MSF course as well! Checkout the link below for more info on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation: ► MSF Website: ► MSF Handbook: Side note: I’m GIVING AWAY a Motorcycle! Join at: • So Ms. Blockhead’s been YouTubing ‘How to Ride a Motorcycle’ and hasn’t been able to find a vid that ‘thoroughly’ goes over a few of the things she’s trying to learn. Watching through a few with her, there’s some stuff that’s left out here n’ there, so I told her that I’d make one for her and try to be thorough! Alas, the Blockhead “How To Ride A Motorcycle” series was born!* In Part 01, we go over controls on the bike, as well as starting er’ up. I bring along my trusty MSF Rider Handbook for some guidance, but kinda ‘cliffs notes’ it up. The vids might seem a bit lengthy, but I know that’s how I learn best, so maybe there’s some of you out there that are the same (I’d be willing to bet there are!) As an NRA certified firearms instructor, I’ve instructed and taught students before, so I hope that it comes across in the vid (fingers crossed!) However, I never have nor will I claim to be a ‘motorcycle instructor.’ When it comes to motorcycles, I’m just a dude that enjoys the ride! Hope the videos help! As always, thanks for watching, ride safe out there, and stay vigilant! ▬ BIKES: 2013 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 2014 Yamaha YZF-R6 ▬ ► Merch! – ► Subscribe! – ► SOCIAL: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – ▬ ► Mailing Address! Blockhead Moto PO Box 18 Windermere, FL 34786 ______ *DISCLAIMER: These videos are meant to be informative, but are not a substitute for a proper certified motorcycle course. You should be going to an accredited training program if you are looking to receive your motorcycle license endorsement (see MSF site link above.) I am not responsible for your actions and you assume all responsibilities and risks when operating a motorcycle.

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