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My friend just bought a 650CC motorcycle, with ZERO riding experience

Teaching my friend Sean how to ride a motorcycle. Episode 1: The Basics!

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Bikers Crash into Oncoming Car || ViralHog

Occurred on August 10, 2019 / Crimea “Reckless biker hits an oncoming car while overtaking. Fortunately, they did not receive serious injuries.” Contact to license this or any ViralHog video. Make money from your videos! Submit footage here: Subscribe, Like, or Follow ViralHog: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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60 Second Driver – Motorcycle Awareness

Crashes between motorcycles and cars can result in serious injury and death. But these crashes can easily be avoided. There are steps drivers of both types of vehicles can take to avoid these. • Motorcycles accelerate and stop much faster than cars and trucks. If you’re driving a vehicle, give yourself more stopping distance when …Read more »

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Miami Police Officer Who Lost Legs In Motorcycle Crash Meets Man Who Helped Save His Life

A celebration of survival took place at Kendall Regional Hospital on Wednesday.

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Perfect Cornering Posture for the Street and Track Riding | Motorcycle Riding Techniques

How you sit on a motorcycle during cornering can make dramatic changes to how the bike behaves. We’ll discuss how your posture can enhance how you interact with the motorcycle to help you become an even better and safer rider, regardless if you are riding on the street or the track, on a cruiser or …Read more »

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Motorcycle accidents compilation 2019 (very disastrous)

Music in this video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Rapozof – Yak Yazdıklarımı (2006) Artist Rapozof Licensed to YouTube by BuzzMyVideosMusic

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NFL’s Cedric Benson Dies In Motorcycle vs. Minivan Crash at Age 36 | TMZ Sports

Ex-NFL running back Cedric Benson — the #4 overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft — was killed in a motorcycle crash in Austin, Texas late Saturday night. He was only 36. SUBSCRIBE — About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field and we’re reporting on athletes …Read more »

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The most Brutal Motorcycle accidents 2018 – RIP to all of our fallen brothers

Riding fast doesn’t shorten the road, it shortens your life. ride safe! think about your family first before going crazy fast on the road. RIP to all of those riders who lost their lives while doing what they love.

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BIKER FAILS – Best Motorcycle & Dirtbike Fails Compilation #6 – FNF

Email me if you’d like to see one of your fails in our next compilation! (Already recorded of course) so please don’t go out and hurt yourself for us. Also, check out our Biker Road Rage Compilations. Our email: Credit: (Garret Medford)… (R1Ryder)… (Canadian GSXR Guy)… (802 Goons)… (Ikigai Garage) …Read more »