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How it Feels to Ride a Motorcycle for the FIRST Time

Hit up Ridge to get the best wallet money buys, 10% off with code “Yammie” Here at YN, I want to show more people the wonderful world of riding on two wheels. So I thought it would be helpful if we made a video showing how each of the controls feel on a motorcycle…. Read more »

Dangerous motorcycle riding on FL interstates | Driving Tampa Bay Forward

Action Air One captured some troubling video on Tuesday morning of an aggressive motorcyclist weaving in and out traffic.

DEA*H WISH – (Dangerous riders) – Best Onboard Compilation [Sportbikes] – Part 4

[This is how NOT to ride a motorcycle, we do NOT encourage you to ride liks this. Ride safe please] Never pass a yellow light a fast speed. Never look back when you are going fast. Never drive like crazy. Better said: Never do what these bikers do here… [RIDE SAFE PLEASE] ** Business, Sponsorship… Read more »

Ride to Save Lives program aims to reduce motorcycle crashes

This year, the number motorcycle fatalities is at 44.