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The Live To Ride Ride To Die website was created so all of us who ride motorcycles and enjoy the freedom of riding can do it safely. We want to create awareness so that people who are in their automobiles (cages) will look out for us. ( Look Twice, Save A Life ). People need to be educated and know how devastating it can be, not only for the rider but also for their family and friends if they get hit by a driver not paying attention. You see when you go down on a motorcycle you usually don’t just get back up and ride off again. In most cases you will end up in the emergency room with serious or life threatening injuries. This will lead to unforeseen hospital bills and possibly your family having to make funeral arrangements. So all riders who like to ride extremely fast and go in and out of lanes and do crazy stunts, just remember for a few seconds of a thrill, you could end up dead. You see when you die, its final.Period! You don’t get a second chance to come back and do it over again. And to all of you drivers in your cages, please stay off your cellphones and stop texting when driving. Stop making left turns in front of riders and always look twice when changing lanes and pulling out onto a road. ” We All Deserve To Arrive Alive “

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