Oil Slick Roads Can Easily Cause You To Go Down



It is very important to understand and be very aware that when you ride your motorcycle, especially after it rains to pull over or not ride your bike for at least 15 minutes or more to let the oil wash away. Unfortunately many riders are not aware of this road hazard and ride in these hazardous conditions that can lead to serious injury or death. You see, just after it rains this is when all of the oil that is deposited on the asphalt makes the road slippery. This is especially dangerous when riding in intersections, because this is where there is a lot of left over debris, rocks and oil deposits. I always tell riders when traveling in a intersection and making a turn to pull in the clutch because in doing so will remove the engine power to the rear tire eliminating the tire from spinning out when traveling over debris and oil.

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  1. path_to_url BassCatcher

    Please, a little puddle of oil never hurt anyone. Suck it up and stop whining. When you bought your motorcycle isn’t it because you thought you were a badass.

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