Grass Clippings Can Be Deadly For Motorcycle Riders

I’m sure you’ve seen grass clippings left on the road after someone mowed their lawn and for cars, it’s no big deal but it can be deadly for a motorcycle.

“It’s just like riding on Ice,” said Safety Instructor at Kegel Harley-Davidson, Allen Matlock.

Matlock says when you see grass clippings its important bikers know exactly what to do.

“You would roll off the throttle, squeeze in the clutch and what that will do is take away power from the engine to the rear wheel. Then always keep your head and eyes up and the biggest most important thing is to not panic,” Matlock said.

Matlock says many bikers will get nervous in that situation and slam on their brakes.

” When you think about the contact patch of a motorcycle tire, it’s probably about the same size as a credit card and what you’re asking the motorcycle tire to do is you are asking it to not only have traction for the road conditions but for the change of environment,” Matlock said.

If you do fall, it’s best to wear proper equipment.

“He’s got a nice set of gloves on a helmet and a nice Harley Davidson jacket with reflective piping in it and that’s something you can be seen in,” Matlock said.

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  1. path_to_url IloveGore

    I totally agree. Not to many riders know how dangerous it can be to ride over them.

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