You Love To Ride?


Unfortunately there is a price to pay for this freedom. Now more then ever before there are more fatalities involving motorcycles. In the past our biggest threat was a drunk driver or maybe a mechanical failure. No more, now we are prey to all the (cagers) out there who are in their (cage) texting away on their electronic gizmos. It was bad enough when cell phones became readily available and drivers were talking and becoming distracted. Nowadays they are constantly looking at their cellphones because they are texting. This is one of the most dangerous violations that is leading to thousands of injuries and fatalities every year, with no end in sight. For those of us who enjoy riding motorcycles, all we can do is pray. For those of you thinking about buying your first motorcycle, please take a learners course. It is now almost mandatory in every state. This course will save your hide and your life. Another epidemic is the left turners who didn’t see or hear you. Everytime you read a story or see it on the news, it’s the same old excuse. The sad thing is that right after the driver causes a serious injury or a fatality they get a lousy ticket for making an improper turn. They go on with their lives, leaving the victims and their family with huge hospital bills and all of the pain and suffering or worse the victims family has to make funeral arrangements and bury their loved ones. The department of motor vehicles needs to make it a requirement for everyone who applies for a drivers license that they also have to take some kind of written exam on motorcycle safety. This will raise awareness for all of us and save precious lives. Now to all of those guy’s and gal’s who love those (crotch rockets) and going 120 mph down the highway and splitting lanes. I see this all of the time. The cool looking guy with the girl sitting high up on the back going in and out of traffic while changing lanes. It only takes a split second for something to go wrong and once it does, your dead and your not coming back. You see when you die you don’t get to come back and try it again. Your gone forever, leaving behind a grieving family and friends all because you wanted a thrill. Please take this advice to all of you drivers (cagers) out there.(Look Out For Motorcycles)- (Don’t Pull Out In Front Of  Riders)- (Don’t Text Or Use Cell Phones While Driving)- ( If You See Us Coming Towards You, Always Let Us Go By First Before You Drive Out Onto The Road)-(Always Turn Your Head) before you change lanes because we could be on the side of you. These are just some of the things you can do to prevent acccidents and save a motorcycle riders life.

Everyone ride safe and arrive alive

3 Responses to “You Love To Ride?”

  1. path_to_url BassCatcher

    We all gotta go sometime, so my opinion is do what you love doing and not focus too much on all of the bad things that can happen. Life is short , have fun.

  2. path_to_url Darcy23

    Yes, its dangerous to ride a motorcycle only because of drivers not watching out for riders and hitting them otherwise its nothing like riding on a bike.

  3. path_to_url Lizzy23

    I use to go out with a guy who had a motorcycle and I always felt really scared when riding on the back of it. I don’t plan on ever getting on one again. I prefer steel wrapped around me any day.

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