What is a squid? A squid is someone who gets on a motorcycle and worries more about how they look then about wearing the proper gear. They wear sandals, flip flops, shorts, wife beaters, cut off t-shirts, open toe shoes, heels, tank tops and the list goes on. You see these squids all of the time riding on motorcycles. It makes you wonder do they really care about their bodies and the damage that can be done to it without wearing the proper gear. Do they really understand how devastating it can be to take a fall and get road rash. Do they know that they will be in the hospital for weeks with severe pain and may have to get skin grafts multiple times. I mean give me a break, most of the time when you see them they are buffed and go to the gym to get in shape and like to put it on display I get it. But displaying it on a motorcycle without protecting it is very foolish. You need the proper shoes and boots when you ride a motorcycle. The roads can be oily and very slippery especially after it rains. You want to have a great sole to protect your soul. Wearing sandals and heels gives you no traction and support especially when you need it most but you will look sexy and cool showing off your tattooed biceps and ankles in the hospital. Now when it comes to experience in riding a motorcycle squids think they know it all and have it under control. WRONG!!! They like to do burnouts and rev up their engines and ride reckless. Everyone on the road is in grave danger when they do wheelies and try to drift. You see when they try but fail in their foolish attempt on a public road that we all drive on they can easily put themselves or some other innocent driver in the ER or planted six feet in the ground because of their recklessness. Squids need to stop worrying about how they or their motorcycle looks and spend more time taking a motorcycle course and making sure their motorcycle is in great shape and ride safe and smart. Put away the mohawk helmet and fancy shades and invest in a nice leather jacket and boots. You will still look cool I promise!


3 Responses to “SQUIDS”

  1. path_to_url HotToTrot

    Now why would you ride on the back of a motorcycle dressed like your going to the beach? These people are all nuts.

  2. path_to_url BigAllen

    If you value your bones and flesh, I strongly suggest your cover them up and protect them. Road rash is very painful, trust me!

  3. path_to_url EasyRider

    Its common sense people to wear good gear if your going to ride a motorcycle. I always wear a helmet and leather because I know the consequences if I don’t.

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