Lane Splitters


These lane splitters on motorcycles put it all on the line going in and out of traffic and splitting lanes and risk it all. It makes no sense at all to ride this way. I believe when your riding a motorcycle its supposed to be a time when you connect with your motorcycle and the road. You become one and there is really no need to be in a hurry. Why put yourself at risk to be hurt really badly or even worse possibly die. Why not just leave a little early to get where your going on time. But that being said I truly believe most of these riders who split lanes just do it because it is just the way they ride. Remember when you split the lane anything that can go wrong will. A driver can change lanes even if they are at a stop and take you out. Some drivers will even open there door unexpectedly. If anyone of these things occur your in big trouble. The bottom line is stop doing it and ride smart and arrive alive!

2 Responses to “Lane Splitters”

  1. path_to_url IloveGore

    I love it when these jerks eat pavement and splatter there guts…yummy!

  2. path_to_url Shitwit

    Dumbass lanesplitters should all be locked up. They should all rot in hell!!!

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