Speed Junkies

You see these guys and girls on motorcycles doing 140 mph on the highway going in and out of lanes with no regards to how quickly it can all go bad and oh so bad. In a split second when your riding this fast you just don’t have the response time to foresee what is going on beside, behind or in front of you. When you are traveling so fast and changing lanes at this high rate of speed another car can decide to go into the same lane that you are at the same time and its over, period. If you crash at that speed you most likely will die and if you don’t your going to wish you did, trust me. What about if there is something in the road up ahead such as a truck tire also known as a road gator, bucket etc and the car in front of you quickly changes lanes to avoid hitting it, your done! You will not have the space or reaction time needed to respond to this and maneuver around it and will go down in a very bad way. You see for a few seconds or moments of an adrenaline rush and a thrill your life can be over for good. You see when you die its final, you don’t get to come back and try it again. You will permanently leave this world and be dead as a door nail. Leaving behind your family and friends to suffer for years to come and plan your funeral. That sucks! All of this for a thrill and I bet if you could have the opportunity to come back you would in a heartbeat and never ride reckless again.

2 Responses to “Speed Junkies”

  1. path_to_url HellRaiser

    There is no excuse to ride like this.Where in the hell are you going that you have to get there that fast. You dumbasses need to slow it down!

  2. path_to_url Timmy

    These guys think their so cool riding like complete jerks. I love seeing them crash and getting mangled.

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