Motorcycle Safety

If you are thinking about riding or buying a motorcycle you better take a riders course. It will save your life guaranteed! You see more riders are getting injured and dying everyday because they just don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. Anyone can hop on a motorcycle and take off after somewhat learning how to shift and use the clutch, whippy doo. It takes way more skill then that to ride on a road especially the highway or around other vehicles. You need to learn about how to brake properly, turn, downshift, and most important how to countersteer. There are more accidents and fatalities because riders steer as if they are in a automobile and that’s incorrect. Because of this they are literally riding off of embankments, highway ramps etc. This can all be prevented by taking a class and course and getting the proper training from a certified instructor.

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  1. path_to_url HellRaiser

    I thinks its very wise to take a course before riding a motorcycle. Its stupid to buy one and then find out you can’t ride it.

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